Cape Wine Academy Professional Photoshoot 11 February 2020

Whilst we prepare for the 21 days at home, CWA asks for your understanding whilst we heed the President’s call and suspend our courses until at least 17 April. We are sorry to disappoint the registered Diploma 1 and Diploma 3 students, as well as those people, signed up for the South African Wine Course and Certificate in South African Wines during this time. We will keep in close communication and let you know as soon as we have alternative dates and arrangements

Cape Wine Academy Professional Photoshoot 11 February 2020-2
Cape Wine Academy Professional Photoshoot 11 February 2020

Given the rapidly developing status of this emergency, our services are under daily review to make sure that we respond with responsibility and consideration in the very best interests to keep you and our people safe and protected.


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The Impact of Coronavirus on wine

When I started writing this piece over a week ago about the main impacts of the Coronavirus (COVOID-19) on the wine industry I was trying to establish the severity and reach it would have.  Since then it has become very apparent that the virus has already and will continue to have a significant impact on all industries including the wine industry. So, with a focus on the South African wine industry what do I believe the impacts are going to be?

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Cape Wine Academy 40 Years Celebration

In 2019 the Cape Wine Academy turned 40 having been established in May 1979. It’s safe to say that we have become an integral part of the South African wine landscape. Estimates have it that over 200,000 people have passed through our courses during this time with many wine industry experts having completed some form of education, training or experiential learning with us.

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