Diploma Wine Course

Step into the international world of wine and broaden your global wine knowledge with this in-depth journey through four intensive modules. This course details the wine regions of the Old and New World with relevant subject tastings. Each module involves regular assignments and substantial study time with written exams and blind tasting examinations. The Certificate Wine Course is a pre-requisite to attend. 

The Diploma Wine Course achieves a proficient level of global wine knowledge with a thorough understanding of South African wine within the context of the international industry. 

Recommended for serious wine enthusiasts and professionals particularly those involved in international travel to work in global markets. This is the last critical stepping stone for entry into the Cape Wine Master program. 


Diploma Module 1:
Lecture 1 – Tutored Comparative Tasting
Lecture 2 – World Trends
Lecture 3 – Viticulture
Lecture 4 – Winemaking
Lecture 5 – Alsace and French Classification/Appellation Systems
Lecture 6 – Sparkling Wines & Champagne
Lecture 7 – Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac

Diploma Module 2:
Lecture 1 – Bordeaux Left Bank
Lecture 2 – Bordeaux Right Bank
Lecture 3 – Burgundy
Lecture 4 – The Loire Valley
Lecture 5 – Northern Rhône & Jura
Lecture 6 – Southern Rhône & Southern France
Lecture 7 – Tutored Comparative Tasting


Diploma Module 3:
Lecture 1 – Germany
Lecture 2 – Austria, Switzerland, Lebanon, Eastern Europe
Lecture 3 – Italy (North)
Lecture 4 – Italy (Central & South)
Lecture 5 – Portugal (including Port & Madeira)
Lecture 6 – Spain (including Sherry)
Lecture 7 – Tutored Comparative Tasting

Diploma Module 4:
Lecture 1 – USA
Lecture 2 – Chile
Lecture 3 – Argentina
Lecture 4 – Australia and Tasmania
Lecture 5 – New Zealand and Asia
Lecture 6 – Sweet Wines (New World and Old World)
Lecture 7 – Tutored Comparative Tasting




4 x Modules
6 x Lectures per module
3 x Assignments per module 
4 x Theory exams in total 
1 x Tasting Exam



The certificate wine course is a pre-requisite to attend and involves regular assignments, written exams and blind tasting examinations.



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