South African Wine Course

An introductory course that takes you on a wine journey around South Africa revealing the great wine growing regions
of the Cape, wine styles and the effect of wine on the taste of food. Explore vineyard and winemaking practices and
learn how they contribute to making a quality wine. Get to know the various red and white grape varieties with guided
tastings and the basic etiquette of wine service and storage.

By the end of this course you will be comfortable in conversation relating to the basic styles and varieties of wine and the
natural and production factors that influence the quality of wine as well as the basics of food and wine matching.

Recommended for first year tertiary hospitality and tourism students and anyone pursuing a career in wine including all levels
of wine service professionals, wine retailers, wine sales representatives, wine ambassadors and advisors, tasting room hosts
and beginner wine enthusiasts.


Facilitated Learning
Lecture 1: The five taste sensations with a cause & effect wine tasting, varieties/cultivars, storage and service

Lecture 2: Viticulture, harvesting of quality wine, winemaking practices

Online Course
Module 1: The online course covers the theoretical aspects of the five taste sensations, varieties/cultivars and storage. No wine is needed for this course

Module 2: The online course covers the theoretical aspects of  viticulture, harvesting of quality wine and the winemaking practices. No wine is needed for this course.



Theory Examination (45 minutes)


There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You must be of legal drinking age to enrol in this course.


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