The ultimate in South African wine education, the Cape Wine Master program is a self-study program of a maximum of 5 years, with 4 tasting exams and 4 theory exams, a presentation and a dissertation. The study program demands a very detailed high-level understanding of all aspects from the vineyard to the cellar as well as the business of wine. Understanding distillation and various spirits is also required. Students are appointed a mentor to assist and guide progression and study groups are usually formed to collaborate for theoretical and tasting support. The pre-requisite to start this program is a minimum mark of 60% in all 4 modules of the Diploma Wine Course. Recognition of prior learning or Diploma level qualifications from other international wine education bodies will be considered on application by the Institute of Cape Wine Masters via the Cape Wine Academy.

The Cape Wine Master qualification equips candidates with an exceptional global knowledge of wine and an excellent aptitude for sensory evaluation of international wines and spirits. 

Recommended for high-level wine industry management, marketing, sales and production professionals as well as wine educationalists or serious enthusiasts who seek to further their wine learning journey after the Diploma Wine Course.

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4 x Theory exams
4 x Tasting exams
1 x Presentation
1 x Dissertation


Cape Wine Academy Diploma Wine Course
A minimum of 60% in all four Diploma modules
A minimum of 60% in the Diploma tasting exam


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