Wine Courses


wine courses

wine courses

South African Wine
The South African Wine Course is your introduction to wine, wine origins, and how to identify and compare wines through taste, sight and smell. On completion of the course, students can take an in-depth journey into South African wine with the Certificate Wine Course.
Front of House Course
This Front of House Course is designed to set a standard in the wine industry for service and attitudes towards tourists and potential customers. On succesful completion of this course, the candidate will be able to proceed to the second level of this course, the Certificate Wine Course.

Certificate Wine Course
Take an in-depth journey into South African wine with the Certificate Wine Course. Broaden your viticulture and winemaking knowledge, whilst learning about the industry, sparkling, sweet and dessert style wines, along with fortified wines and brandies.

Diploma Wine Course
Experience wines of the Old World and wines of the New World; learn about and taste wines from Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.
Cape Wine Masters
The Cape Wine Master is the highest formal qualification in the South African Wine Industry. CWMs belong to the Institute of Cape Wine Masters (ICWM).


Tertiary Wine Studies
Over the past decade, the Cape Wine Academy has become increasingly involved in Tertiary Education. Our wine appreciation courses have been included in curricula of South African Technikons, Technical Colleges, Hotel Schools, Chef Schools, and Universities.


Wines of the World
In this fun introduction to the major wine growing regions around the world you will taste and compare international and South African wines at every class. From the classics of Bordeaux and Burgundy right through to the new world wines from Australia, New Zealand and Chile.!


Hospitality Courses
hospitality courses


Wine Service Course
The Wine and Service Course is presented in 6 modules. Each module consists of approximately 1 hour of facilitated learning and 1 hour of wine tasting.


Cape Sommelier™ Course
Due to a huge demand and support from the hospitality industry for a suitable qualification and having researched many options among English speaking countries,


Edutainment Courses



Wine and Food Workshops
Take your taste buds on a journey and discover the delights of combining different food tastes and chesses with various wines.


South African Brandy Course
This South African Brandy Course is a single evening workshop that focuses on brandy appreciation and the understanding the subtleties of flavour and aroma.


Corporate Wine Events
Corporate Wine Tasting courses to further enhance people’s wine tasting experiences. Any social or corporate wine tasting can be tailor-made to be as formal and informal as required.