Online South African Wine Course



The Online Wine Course is your introduction to wine, the comfort of your home.

The South African Wine Course is your introduction to wine, wine origins, and how to identify and compare wines through taste, sight and smell. On completion of the course, students can take an in-depth journey into South African wine with the Certificate Wine Course.

Course overview
The Online Wine Course comprises four modules, each with an online assessment. Students who pass all four modules will receive an official Cape Wine Academy certificate of achievement.


On registration you will be invoiced for the course fee. On receipt of payment you will be provided with access details to the Online Wine Course.


As an Online Course you can proceed at your own pace. Please note that your access to the online course is limited to 2 months.


This course is not refundable nor transferable.
Copyright reserved: All material in this file, excluding material reproduced with the permission of other publications, is the exclusive property of the Cape Wine Academy



  • The modules need to be completed in order of 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • To start your journey into wine - please click on the links displayed under each module.
  • You will have access to the recource documentation, and Slide tutorial.
  • Once you are ready to test your knowledge you may then proceed to the assessment link, be advised that you have 20 minutes to complete each assessment, which comprises of multiple choice questions.
  • You need to pass each assessment in order to progress to the next module (a pass of 80% is required). If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you can go back and redo the assessment until such time as you pass. (Please note that only the first pass result we receive for each assessment will be taken into account, all submissions after that will be null and void).
  • Once all 4 modules have been passed, your address will be confirmed and a Certificate for the South African Wine course will be posted to you.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or difficulties you encounter.

Module 1
Where did it all start
» The Van der Stel's
» Cape Wines before the 20th Century
» Distell
» Important developments in the industry since 1659.

Module 1 Online Assessment (20 minutes Pass = 80%)

Module 2
» Storage and maturation
» Serving wine
» How to taste wine
» Matching wine with food
» Sensible Drinking.

Module 2 Online Assessment (20 minutes Pass = 80%)


Module 3
» Main factors affecting the production of wine
» Wine of origin
» Wine routes of South Africa

Module 3 Online Assessment (20 minutes Pass = 80%)


Module 4
» From the vineyard to the winery.
» Making Wine.
» Brandy

Module 4 Online Assessment (20 minutes Pass = 80%)


Who should do the Online Wine Course?
The Online Wine Course is designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in wine appreciation. This is also the starting point to a career in the wine and hospitality industry.

This online wine course, is a fun and informative and designed to enhance your appreciation of wine by equipping you with the basic skills in identifying and appreciating South African wines.

Course duration
As an Online Course you can proceed at your own pace. You can rewrite the online assessment for each module if you choose to do so.

Successful completion of this online course will enable students to enrol for the Cape Wine Academy's Certificate wine course.

Course materials
All Module content, resources and assessments are available online.

Online Course URL (Username and Password Required)

R 700 / person

R855 / person


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