Front of House Course


This Front of House Course is designed to set a standard in the wine industry for service and attitudes towards tourists and potential customers.

Who should do the Course?
The Front of House Course is ideal for tasting room staff and students in the wine and service industry as well as those wishing to pursue a career as a Cape Sommelier™.

The course covers a range of service- and marketing-related topics as well as wine and hospitality learning units.


Learning Unit 1 » Wine sales
Learning Unit 2
» Basic information: Presenting the wine
Learning Unit 3
» Wine etiquette: Presenting the wine
Learning Unit 4
» Tasting
Learning Unit 5
» Wine styles and cause and effect
Learning Unit 6
» Wine producing regions
Learning Unit 7 » Wine - Vineyard practises
Learning Unit 8 » Wine - Winemaking
Learning Unit 9 » Wine awards and Associations
Learning Unit 10 » Public Relations, Media & Marketing
Learning Unit 11 » Wine and Food
Learning Unit 12 » Great Wine Capitals of the World
Learning Unit 13 » Tourism

Course duration
2-Day course

On successful completion of this course, the candidate will be able to proceed to the second level of this course, the Certificate Wine Course.

Course materials
Course manual and 4 international tasting glasses in a neat Cape Wine Academy carrier pack


R 1995.00 per person attending lectures, with tastings, teas and lunch.   
R 995.00 per person - correspondence

* Note prices valid until end Dec 2019 only, courses in 2020 are subject to a price increase.

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SCHEDULE 2019:  

Day Lectures     Day 1 - 08h00 – 15h00*
                            Day 2 - 08h00 – 12h30*
* These times are subject to change



Day One Day Two


Stellenbosch: Morgenhof Wine Estate       Friday 10th May Saturday 11th May Tuesday 21st May
Stellenbosch: Morgenhof Wine Estate     Monday 15th July Monday 22nd July Monday 5th August
Stellenbosch: Morgenhof Wine Estate Friday 19th October Saturday 20th October Monday 29th October






  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the starting time of the course to facilitate registration.
  • Bring a pen or pencil and extra paper should you wish to make additional notes.
  • Remember to bring 2 copies of your assignment and the requested wine.
  • Please don’t wear perfume or aftershave when attending the classes – it affects everyone’s ability to smell the wine.



  •  Cape Wine Academy promotes responsible use of alcohol. We recommend the use of spittoons supplied at the tastings, to reduce the excessive consumption of wine during the tastings.
  •  It is advisable to eat a meal before the start of each class.
  •  Please don’t wear perfume or aftershave when attending the classes – it affects everyone’s ability to smell the wine.

    Remember a sober driver is best. The Cape Wine Academy encourages all students to spit. The
    legal limit is TWO standard units. If you are over the limit please be responsible and make
    arrangements for your collection.


Below is a list of taxi/designated driver service telephone numbers:


Cab On Call: 021-671-1677
Royal Limousine Services: 083-406-8787
Cab X Press: 021-448-1616
Cab Co: 0861-36-7222
Night Owls: 0861-64-83695
Good Fellas: 0861-43-3552
Scooter Angels: 0861-46-4663


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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