Careers in Wine

Career opportunities within the Wine Industry

Careers for academics, employees and wine enthusiasts
The Cape Wine Academy trains more than 4 500 students a year. These students are drawn from three distinct sectors:


Students at tertiary academic institutions - these account for approximately 50% of our business and include all Technikon students doing Food and Beverage courses, as well as many Tourism students at institutions such as Vaal University of Technology, and various Cookery Schools, e.g. Sillwood and many others.

Employees of companies in the wine and food retail industries - These make up approximately 10% and includes Front of House for wine farms, Checkers, Spar, Hotel groups, etc

Consumers - this makes up approximately 40% and includes corporate clients and general public.

Our entry-level courses are aimed at all of the above and focus on the South African wine industry and its wines.


Wine Tourism Careers in South Africa

The hotel, tourism and leisure industries are exciting and social business areas for anyone looking for a varied career that is in demand across the globe. Tourism is the largest and fastest-growing industry worldwide and in South Africa and this in turn has a positive effect upon the hotel and leisure industries, improving services, of which wine education is a vital element.

In 2009, the South African wine industry celebrated 350 years of making world-class wines. We also have a domestic population increasingly inclined to embrace the culture of eating out, and some 7 million tourists per year keen to taste our local wines.

The core courses, which have been the backbone of the Cape Wine Academy over the years, are still the main focus, with the South African Wine Course, Certificate Wine Course and Diploma Wine Course constantly updated and kept relevant.


The Cape Wine Academy course development has concentrated its focus on vocational training for the wine hospitality industry, and expansion of lifestyle courses. The lifestyle courses focus on the individual, but also corporate client who wants to be exposed to all the facets of ever evolving, ever expanding world of wine and food.


This drive to educate the public on more than just the appreciation of wine, has led to the development of the Cape Sommelier Course, South African Brandy Course, Cocktail and Wine and Food pairing courses.


With the mandate to become the official Wine Education and Training body for the South African wine industry, The Cape Wine Academy realised the importance of providing sound vocational training for various levels of the wine and hospitality industries.