Cape Wine Masters


South African Cape Wine Masters
Cape Wine Masters
Front (left to right) Kristina Beuthner, Dick Davidson, Margaret Fry, Jeff Grier, Margie Barker, Andy Roediger, Duimpie Bayly, Dave Hughes, Marilyn Cooper, Bennie Howard, Elsie Pels, Debi van Flymen, Alan Mullins.
Back (left to right) Marius Malan, Daniel le Roux, Catherin Dillon, Raymond Noppé, Sandy Harper, Tom Blok, Greg de Bruyn, Winnie Bowman, Francois Bezuidenhout, Nina-Mari Bruwer, Junel Vermeulen, Conrad Louw, Dave March, Clive Torr, Irina von Holdt, Ginette de Fleuriot, Heidi Duminy, Derek Ramsden, Mary Lou Nash.

Cape Wine Masters 2014
From left to right Debi van Flymen, Francois Bezuidenhout, Conrad Louw, Sandy Harper, Nina-Mari Bruwer, Marius Malan

Cape Wine Masters 2014
About the Institute of Cape Wine Masters
In 2003 the Cape Wine and Spirit Education Trust granted the Cape Wine Academy the right to award the Cape Wine Master (CWM) qualification and confer the Cape Wine Master’s title, in collaboration with the Institute of Cape Wine Masters.

The qualification was first instituted in 1983 and the first three CWMs were Duimpie Bayly, Bennie Howard and the late Tony Mossop. Over the last 30 years some 209 candidates have enrolled, of whom 88 (47 men and 44 women) have qualified and 22 are at present studying to become CWMs.
The ICWM is an active group of knowledgeable people who are formally qualified, objective and passionate about local and international wine matters.

The Institute runs tastings and other wine events, provides membership services to the members of the ICWMs world-wide, and information and access to specialist advice for the wine industry in general. Also refer to:


ICWM Mission
The ICWM pursues the goal of excellence in the wine industry and aims to promote:
• wine and spirit education in South Africa
• the image and interest of the members of the Institute
• the responsible use of wine

Cape Wine Master Dissertations
As part of the requirements to qualify as a Cape Wine Master, candidates must submit an assignment that meets the requirements set by the committee. Copies of all Cape Wine Master Dissertations are held in the SAWIS library in Stellenbosch and the most recent dissertations are published below.

Is the Swartland the New South African Wine Hub? M Malan 2014
Bordeaux style red wines in South Africa Debi van Flymen 2014
Producer / Co-operative Wineries Francois Bezuidenhout 2014
The relevance of informal wine tasting clubs as a potential marketing channel for small and new wine brands
Perceptions in Wine Nina-Mari Bruwer 2014
Cabernet Franc in South Africa Lizette Tolken 2012
Rise of the Dragon: The Chinese Wine Market Raymond Paul Noppé 2012
South African brandy in an international context Derek Ramsden 2012
Wine Investment in South Africa David March 2012
Genetically Modified Organisms in the Wine Industry Leigh Berrie 2011
Garage Winemaking in South Africa: Less is more Mary-Lou Nash 2011
Waste Management in the Wine Industry Catherine Dillon 2011
Rhône style red wines in South Africa Michael John Lee 2010
Sparkling Wine: The Growth of this Category of Wine in South Africa Sarah Newton 2010
The Future of Riesling in SA and what we can learn from the recent improvements in Germany Kristina Beuthner 2010
Wine packaging: alternatives to traditional glass Lyn Jessica Woodward 2010
Micro-oxygenation in contemporary winemaking Duane Alexander Blaauw 2009
The Fall and Rise of Sémillon in South Africa Eftyhia Vardas 2009
Growing the consumption of wine amongst emerging market consumers in South Africa Mary-Lyn Foxcroft 2009
The effect of wine on the dental health of consumers Danielle le Roux 2009
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Grape and Wine Analysis Rolene Bauer 2009
Techniques to achieve moderate alcohol levels in South African Wine Andras Salaman 2008
Global warming: A future perspective on changes to wine style and terroir De Bruyn Steenkamp 2006
A comparison of legislation with respect to additives in wine Vashti Galpin 2006
Marketing wine lifestyle in South Africa Karen Green  
The English Wine Market Bradley James Gold 2006
Citizen Wine: Good corporate citizenship in the South African wine industry Hymli Krige 2005
Bottle Closure in the Wine Industry Berenice Barker  
Modern Ecological Wine Grape Production in South Africa Heidi Nicole Rosenthal Duminy  
Wood alternatives - a substitute for barrels, or merely an economical flavourant? Andrew Peter Mitchell  
The cost breakeven point of wine Tom Blok  
The emergence of vine cultivation in cooler-climate viticulture areas in South Africa with specific reference to Elim and Elgin Meryl Weaver  
Merlot in South Africa and Internationally Chris de Klerk  
Phenolic ripeness in South Africa Dr. AHA Roediger  
Terroir, the footprint of great wines Gerda Mouton  
An accreditation programme for a South African Wine Education Institute Dr Winifred Bowman  
Chenin Blanc table wines in South Africa F H Loubser  


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