Cape Sommelier® Course

What is a Wine Sommelier? (pronounced Soh-mell-Yay)
Worldwide, a Wine Sommelier, pronounced (Soh-mell-Yay), is passionate about wine, a highly-trained and knowledgeable wine professional, specialising in all aspects of wine service. Wine Sommeliers play a key role in restaurants and can greatly enhance a restaurant's operation and reputation.
What is a Cape Sommelier® qualification?
Implemented in South Africa through the Cape Wine Academy, the Cape Sommelier® programme was introduced as a response to a huge demand and support from the hospitality industry for a suitable professional qualification, and to ensure that South Africa's service levels compete globally.
What does a Wine Sommelier do?
The core purpose of a Wine Sommelier is to ensure that patrons are able to find a wine within their budget that fits their tastes and complements their food. A sommelier works with the kitchen to find suitable wines to pair with each meal on the menu, maintaining the standard of fine dining through creative food and wine pairing.

Courses such as the Cape Sommelier® provided by The Cape Wine Academy cater for wine enthusiasts, tertiary students, wine industry players, employees in the hospitality, retail and tourism industries and corporate clients; and are directed to empower individuals to be able to find work in various industries and perform their duties on a professional level.

Due to a huge demand and support from the hospitality industry for a suitable qualification and having researched many options among English speaking countries, the following programme has been implemented in South Africa.

Cape Sommelier®


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