About the Wine Academy

The Cape Wine Academy (Proprietary) Limited is the recognised leader in wine appreciation and wine education in South Africa.

The function of the Cape Wine Academy is the transfer of knowledge and skills to the individual wine enthusiasts, to current or future wine-related industry employees such as wine producers, tourism and hospitality students, and to tourism and retail trade by means of a range of education and training products/courses that promote and enhance the:

Responsible consumption, appreciation and better understanding of wine at all levels of wine consumption
Servicing wine in the hospitality and tourism sectors
Customer service in any wine-related environment

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Cape Wine Academy Courses

We have celebrated more than 30 years and are proud to introduce you to our range of courses and events. Our educational and entertaining products cater for the wine enthusiast, the tertiary student, the wine industry player, employees in the hospitality, retail and tourism industries, and corporate clients.

The Cape Wine Academy is diversifying its offering to be more market focused.

The core courses, which have been the backbone of the Cape Wine Academy over the years, are still the main focus, with the South African Wine Course, Certificate Wine Course and Diploma Wine Course constantly updated and kept relevant.

The Cape Wine Academy course development has concentrated its focus on vocational training for the wine and hospitality industry, and the expansion of lifestyle courses. The lifestyle courses focus on the individual, but also corporate client who wants to be exposed to all the facets of ever evolving, ever expanding world of wine and food.

This drive to educate the public on more than just the appreciation of wine, has led to the development of the Cape Sommelier™ Course, South African Brandy Course, Cocktail, Cigar and Wine and Food Workshop.

With the mandate to become the official Wine Education and Training body for the South African wine industry, The Cape Wine Academy realised the importance of providing sound vocational training for various levels of the wine and hospitality industries.